Xuan Phan

/shoo-en fan/

Graphic design ︎ Illustration ︎ Editorial ︎ Typography ︎ Branding ︎

Xuan Phan is a
graphic designer & illustrator, who focuses on graphic design, brand identity, editorial, typography and more.

1.  502 Bad Gateway 2. Facebook Good Adds Up
3. Women in hospitality 
4. Indigo Magazine
5. Cardogan Hoarding
6. Skills Quest
7. Virtual Eyes


As countries around the world adapt to new lockdown measures to flatten the COVID-19 curve, DJs, promoters and clubs have been hard at work building a digital platform where streams reign supreme. Virtual Eyes is a techno music live-stream which goes live on 6.6.2020. The streets may be silent during lockdown but the fun isn't over.
Graphic design & Art direction: Xuan Phan

Client ︎ Virtual Eyes