Xuan Phan 
/shoo-en fan/

Xuan Phan is a graphic designer and an illustrator based in London, who focuses on graphic design, visual identity, illustration, typography, data visualisation and more.

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Resettled Spaces

Following the end of the Second Indochina War*, and the Sino-Vietnamese border conflict, large numbers of people left Vietnam, including ethnic Vietnamese, but also ethnic Chinese people, by whatever means they could, to neighbouring nations. Many made it by foot or boat to places such as Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia amongst other places. These groups of refugees felt it was no longer safe in their home, and thus took the chance to make this perilous journey. An estimated 23,000 Vietnamese people made Britain their new home in the 1970s/1980s.

Resettled Spaces: Examining the Home / Các Không Gian Tái Định Cư: Tìm Hiểu Khái Niệm Nhà - will explore how the definition of home has shifted within the Vietnamese experience in the UK. We will interrogate the cities, towns, or countries we have adopted or left, the intermediary spaces many migrants transit through, and the spaces to which we retire each evening.

Vivian Comma Close, London, N4 2qy, United Kingdom
Artists: Cuong Pham, Will Pham, Caro Gervay, Vanessa Yim, Moi Tran
Graphic Designer: Xuan Phan
Photographer: Jalaikon