Xuan Phan

/shoo-en fan/

Graphic design ︎ Illustration ︎ Editorial ︎ Typography ︎ Branding ︎

Xuan Phan is a London based graphic designer & illustrator, who focuses on graphic design, brand identity, editorial, typography and more.

1.  502 Bad Gateway 2. Facebook Good Adds Up
3. Women in hospitality 
4. Indigo Magazine
5. Cardogan Hoarding
6. Skills Quest
7. Virtual Eyes


Penia is a photobook of Chao Zhang, a photographer from China. She explore the duality of her existence throughout the porject. She work with the feeling that she is imprisoned by a binary vision of gender. Her work expresses the intention to break out of the prison created by the binary view.

Photographer: Chao Zhang
Graphic Designer: Xuan phan

Spec: ︎225 x 225  mm
Spec: ︎ 80 pages