Xuan Phan 
/shoo-en fan/

Xuan Phan is a graphic designer and an illustrator based in London, who focuses on graphic design, visual identity, illustration, typography, data visualisation and more.

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  5. Cadogan Hoarding
  6. The Art of Ink Painting
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  8. Data Privacy
  9. Indigo Magazine
  10. Grafik Poster
  11. Resettled Spaces


The Art of Ink Painting

"The ISTD is a professional body run by and for typographers, graphic designers, and educators.
The society has an international membership and its aims are to establish and maintain standards
of typography and to provide a forum for debate.

The Art of Ink Painting is the book which explored the spirit
of Calligraphy Art and its long history to readers, blending ancient and contemporary art style. The design received the Merit Award and the ISTD Membership.

Book design
140 x 247mm
Japanese hardcover binding
French fold
Foil blocking on cover