Xuan Phan 
/shoo-en fan/

Xuan Phan is a graphic designer and an illustrator based in London, who focuses on graphic design, visual identity, illustration, typography, data visualisation and more.

  1. Karoshi
  2. 502 Bad Gateway
  3. Death by Overwork
  4. Facebook Good Adds Up
  5. Cadogan Hoarding
  6. The Art of Ink Painting
  7. Grafik Poster
  8. Indigo Magazine
  9. Diaspora Disco
  10. Data Privacy
  11. Resettled Spaces

Diaspora Disco

Diaspora Disco x Eastern Margins x Phantom Limb:
Lunar New Year Party. This is an unique event to celebrate Lunar New Year with artists from Asia.

DIASPORA DISCO is a contemporary revival of the discotheque – a temporary emancipatory space where diasporic bodies mingle, collide and dance with the rest of the world.

DIASPORA DISCO focuses on intersections between the Asian diaspora and other diasporic communities while questioning what “Asian-ness” might be.

DIASPORA DISCO uses the club as a space to embody the cross-border, transnational exchanges that are characteristic of diasporic bodies through the approach of nightlife as a social practice.

Artists: Diaspora Disco, Eastern Margins, Phantom Limb
Design & Art direction: Xuan Phan