Xuan Phan 
/shoo-en fan/

Xuan Phan is a graphic designer and an illustrator based in London, who focuses on graphic design, visual identity, illustration, typography, data visualisation and more.

  1. Karoshi
  2. 502 Bad Gateway
  3. Death by Overwork
  4. Facebook Good Adds Up
  5. Cadogan Hoarding
  6. The Art of Ink Painting
  7. Grafik Poster
  8. Indigo Magazine
  9. Diaspora Disco
  10. Data Privacy
  11. Resettled Spaces

502 Bad Gateway

An independent menswear magazine about good life choices and mens style. Looking at menswear from a perspective of product design and creativity rather than just whatever’s hot right now. The magazine is split in to two sections. There are longer format interviews and features that include Tender, The Massimo Osti Archive, Private White V.C. and a choice selection of new designers all printed on uncoated paper. Then the back half of the magazine features beautiful editorial shot across film, digital, 3D render software and includes graphic illustrations and a comic on a gloss coated paper.

Issue One
Edited by Seth Footring
Designed by Xuan Phan
Sub Edited by Ralph Footring

Printed by Buxton Press

Buy here: www.502badgateway.co.uk/store