Xuan Phan

/shoo-en fan/

Graphic design ︎ Illustration ︎ Editorial ︎ Typography ︎ Branding ︎

Xuan Phan is a London based graphic designer & illustrator, who focuses on graphic,
brandidentity, typography, editorial design and more.

1.  502 Bad Gateway 2. Facebook Good Adds Up
3. Women in hospitality 
4. Indigo Magazine
5. Cardogan Hoarding
6. Skills Quest
7. Virtual Eyes


An independent menswear magazine about good life choices and men's style. Looking at menswear from a perspective of product design and creativity rather than just whatever's hot right now. The magazine is split into two sections. There are longer format interviews and features that include Bleue Burnham, EDEN Power Corp, Nanamica,... and a choice selection of new designers all printed on uncoated paper. Then the back half of the magazine features beautiful editorial shot across film, digital, and includes microscope graphic images.

Editor: Seth Footring
Art director: Xuan Phan
Graphic designer: Xuan Phan

Spec ︎ 148 x210 mm
Spec ︎ 126 pages
Spec ︎ 120 gsm
Stockist ︎
London: Magculture
Mancheste: Magma
Stockport: Rare Mags
Leeds: Village Books
Bath: Magalleria
Milano: Reading rooms
NYC: A/D/O Store
Salt Lake City, UT: Drux USA